Give the Gift that Shines

Prestige Gift Certiifcate.jpg

Prestige offers gift certificates which can be purchased for detailing services. If your friend or family member is a car lover, our gift certificates make a perfect choice. Our gift certificates have become a very popular item for Xmas gifts or gifts for any occasion, all year long.

The dollar amount for certificates are usually based on an estimated value for a car detail for a specific vehicle and scope like interior, exterior or both, so that the work can be completed within the certificate value. Certificates can also be purchased for a cash amount and the recipient can use them as cash towards their own specific requirements.

Please remember that all gift cards are final sale, non refundable and the recipient needs to book an appointment to suit their schedule.

There is no expiry date on our gift certificates, but we recommend that they be used in a prompt fashion. When purchasing a gift card, please understand that it is for a "dollar amount" estimated for a specific vehicle type and description. Please note that the service may be subject to additional charges if the vehicle brought in extends the normal work scope due to extreme conditions of the vehicle such as high dirt level, dog hairs, extensive stains, tree sap deposits and any other items that take a longer time to treat over normal.