Detailing Scope of Work

The detailing process follows the washing and cleaning and always needs to be done carefully with attention to details.

The exterior is first inspected to determine the type of the polishing required. Depending on the severity of the scratches or surface condition & imperfections, the detailer will select a process of either 1, 2 or 3 stages polishing. For very deep scratches, a process of wet sanding may be required and this is normally done by our senior staff trained in this procedure. Normally our standard exterior polish and wax applications do not involve wet sanding.

At Prestige, we use the best top-quality polishes and wax materials available to ensure the best finish for your auto.

For the interior carpets and cloth seats, it is important to do a deep vacuuming with a high suction machine. Special care must be taken to remove pet hairs and Prestige has a wealth of experience in the best ways to remove pet hairs.

After vacuuming, we complete a shampoo of all the carpeted areas including the trunk. Our shampoo machine is heavy duty industrial type with 2 suction pumps to ensure deep cleaning.

We use environmental friending cleaning solutions that include enzymes to remove any allergens and odor treatment.

For autos with bad smoke or pet odors, we recommend customers to try our specialty odor removing treatments described in the specialty services section.

The interior detailing includes a deep cleaning of doors, door jams, console, dash and truck areas using a small hand brush and air gun. We must follow a strict procedure to ensure cleaning coverage extends to all small nooks and small spaces where dirt can collect.

We clean all leather sets and leather coated trims and apply leather treatment as needed.

I came to prestige before a car show to get a detail. When I came to pick up they exceeded my expectations by miles. The car looked better than when I picked it up from the dealership! The attention to detail and worksmanship is fantastic from these guys. They’re passionate about theyre jobs and it shows through their work. If your going to pay anyone to detail your car it’s gotta be prestige!
— Mitch C.