Scope of Cleaning/Restoration

The plastic materials in your headlights will degrade with time and become cloudy mostly due to UV rays that degrade the outer layer of the plastic. For these cases, Prestige can clean and polish your headlights to restore them to new condition again.

To clean the headlights, we first mask off the headlight edges with tape to protect the car surface and nearby trim. Then depending on the severity of the headlights clouding, we will complete a process of wet sanding and polishing of the lenses to make them clear again. This is followed by application of an UV Protectant coating. This coating is an important step as the UV coating that was originally applied to the headlight is removed in the sanding and polishing process and must be replaced.

Restoration of headlights is a separate charge and not part of our standard exterior detailing package.

Estimate costs for restoring headlights is an average of $60 per lens. For lenses that do not require restoration and only need a polishing, the cost is reduced to $30 per lense.

We recommend you bring your vehicle in to get an estimate as all lenses may not need a full restoration and can be improved without wet sanding and may only need a good polishing.

These guys were able to bring my car back to life,. My paint was dull, hazed and swirled while my interior had stains and pet hair they were able to remove! Couldn’t ask for a better group of people at Prestige. They are extremely professional and I will definitely be recommending them. Keep up the good work gentlemen.
— Wayne L.