Odor Elimination Principles

Prestige can provide an odor treatment for your vehicle that will successfully remove smoke, pet or other waste and bacteria odors.

The success of any odor treatment application is that the carpets and cloth seats must be thoroughly vacuumed and shampooed before the odor treatment. For leather seats, they also need to be fully cleaned and treated before any odor treatment.

Prestige’s odor treatment has been proven successful for cases of long term smoker cars or cars used for pet transport.

Prestige has a solid track record in application of the PowAir Treatment and we recommend it as the best for long-term results. We no longer offer ozone treatment as we found that there are much better technologies like PowAir that are now available.

PowAir Treatment

This is an industrial strength odor eliminating formula that has been proven safe and effective for 20 years in the harshest of industrial and commercial applications. It was developed by a Vancouver area firefighter who wanted to eliminate and absorb the smoke molecule and not just mask it temporarily.

It is an exclusive proprietary blend of 40 high quality essential oils designed to eliminate a wide spectrum of odors and is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe to use around people, pets and plants.

The PowAir Spray can achieve odor removal in your car almost immediately. In addition, once it is saturated into your carpets and seats it will bring nature’s most effective odor fighters into your car or truck for ongoing continuous odor control.

Prestige has successfully applied PowAir on vehicles for over the past year and we can now guarantee good results. We have even used PowAir successfully on a fleet of large trucks after they were used to fight BC forest fires.

The cost of a PowAir application is $85 for all types of vehicles. Please remember that this application price does not include cleaning of the carpets and seats which MUST be done before an odor treatment to eliminate as much of the bad odor source.

These guys were nothing but amazing! After spilling an 18L jug of water in my jeep I didn’t know what to do. It was a swampy mess. I called prestige and they went above and beyond to dry her out and get her smelling like new again. Best customer service I’ve revived in a long time.
— Rachel D.