Package Types

Hand Wash & Clean PackageS ( 1 hour)

Interior ($28.99 - $32.99) — A maintenance clean of approximately 1/2 hour to vacuum rugs and seats, pressure wash floor mats, wipe down the dash, console, interior plastics, door trays and clean all window interiors and exteriors.

Exterior ($28.99 - $32.99) — A maintenance clean of approximately 1/2 hour to degrease wheels and wheel wells, hand wash auto exterior and wipe dry, apply tire dressing and clean all window interior and exteriors.

Both Interior & Exterior - ($54.95 - $64.95)

Full Detailing Packages (5-7 hours)

Interior ($200 - $350) — We perform all work as in the Hand Wash and Clean packages, plus we also wash & clean all door jams thoroughly. Then we complete a further deep clean of all interior plastics, dash & console (using a hand brush and air gun) and clean and treat leather seats (as applicable). This is followed by a deep hot water shampoo of all carpets and cloth seats.

Please note that when we perform an interior detail we must do an exterior wash first as we do not want to bring a dirty car into the shop to avoid contamination during the interior cleaning. So, the interior detailing includes a complimentary exterior wash including degreasing of all wheel wells and wheels and tire dressing applications to make the tire look brand new.

Exterior ($225 - $425) — We perform all work as in Hand Wash and Clean package, plus we clay bar entire car, apply machine cut polish and sealant wax, polish headlights, polish wheels and complete a degrease and plastics clean of engine bay and hood interior.

Both Interior & Exterior - ($315 - $600)

Benefits of Auto Detailing

  • Improve and return your vehicles appearance to show room condition

  • Reduce the buildup of dirt and allergens in your auto

  • Improve the resale value of your auto by taking good care of its condition

  • Get more enjoyment and satisfaction from your auto(this is the top benefit in our opinion)

For more information on our Packages, please see the chart below:

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