Paint Protection Scope and Benefits

To protect your auto with a superior sealant that is stronger and extremely more durable than a standard wax sealant, Prestige recommends using a premier Exterior Surface Protection Package called PERMANON ™.


This PSI+14 Silverline product is designed using nano - engineered technology that will protect your cleaned and polished vehicle from:

  • Ultra-violet(UV) sun ray damage

  • Bird Droppings

  • Acid Rain

  • Tree Sap

PERMANON™ is an extremely effective water repellant which is also resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions and solvents and will prevent your paint from fading and reduce brake dust buildup.

We apply the product to the entire outside car body including all windows, mirrors and wheels so that there is total outside protection. It can also be applied internally to the dash and console areas to seal and protect these sections as well

This product is temperature stable up to 572-degree F as compared to wax sealants which give way at 104 degrees F. This allows a PERMANON™ coating to prevent brake dust from burning into the wheels and pitting the wheels as brake dust burns at 518 degrees F which is well below the limits of PERMANON™.

Wheels coated with PERMANON™ repel brake dust and remain cleaner longer and only take a minimum washing to clean. Similarly, auto surfaces coated with PERMANON™ repel dust and water more effectively.

An application provides a guaranteed protection of six(6) months under the worst weather and washing conditions. However, our experience using this product is that protection normally lasts 10-12 months in average conditions. Each application includes an addition recharge treatment to the wheels and glass after 3-4 months, as these are the high wear areas.

Pricing for Permanon Protection!


Package 1 - Cars

Full Exterior Surface, Windows, Mirrors and Wheel Rims

Price $150


Package 2 - SUV’s, Trucks

Full Exterior Surface, Windows, Mirrors and Wheel Rims

Price $225


Package 3  

Windows, Mirrors & Wheel Rims Only - Application for up to 3 months Guaranteed Protection.

Price $80

Fantastic work done by the staff at Prestige. They take pride in what they do and you can tell by the quality of work that comes out of their shop! Amazing job done on my 22 year old Integra. The were able to revive the paint to a clean, mirror-like finish. Highly recommended!
— Laura-Ashley G.