Washing Fundamentals

Proper exterior cleaning is the most important step in the overall auto detailing process. When cleaning is done properly and thoroughly, the subsequent applications of clay bar, machine cut polish and wax sealant are more successful. After car washing and clay bar applications, it is also important to dry the car thoroughly as water droplets will be harmful to the polishing process.

At Prestige, we use a powerful air blower to dry autos. This is better than wiping the car as there is no physical contact with the surface and the air blower penetrates and removes droplets trapped behind the exterior trims sections.

We also make sure that wheel wells are thoroughly cleaned as the wheel areas are collector areas for road mud and debris. We degrease the wheel wells followed by high pressure water sprays until all mud is removed. The wheels are also degreased and spokes cleaned with a special brush designed to penetrate the wheel spokes.

For engine bay cleaning, we degrease and clean the underside of the hood cover as well as the engine bay body sides. After careful washing of the entire engine bay, we apply a cleaner and wipe down the engine plastic parts returning it to a like new condition

Exceeded expectations and the price was very fair! I recommend strongly.
— Zack P.